Blaaktraxz aka JT born in Newark, NJ but raised in East Orange, NJ. Ever since early childhood I had a big interest in music, including playing musical instruments like trumpet throughout my entire school years. I am also a self-taught pianist who loves to use it as main instrument in most of my music production.My music interest is not limited to just one genre, one day I can be listening to Bach-Classical, to Naughty by Nature – Hip Hop, to Evanescence – Rock, etc.

My music production is also not limited to one genre, I produced house, r&b, EDM, hip-hop, rock etc. My philosophy on music is that it breaks the language barrier of all cultures; you don’t have to know just English to listen to hip-hop, rock, etc.

I join up with the Global Fam to help spread our music to the world “We Are Going Global”.

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